Posters at Auge: advertising summer markets

Posters at Auge: advertising summer markets

Get delicious food from local markets!

Village markets are one of the great joys of France. Many can support a market twice or more a week. Of course you will find lots of tourists soaking up the sights and smells, but they are also well patronised by the locals, especially for fresh fish and vegetables.

These seven examples are in increasing distance from La Bréchoire. Arrive before noon or you may be too late.

  • Sometimes the markets are held indoors, in specially designed and often architecturally attractive buildings (e.g. Cognac).
  • Or they may be held in a market square (e.g. Aigre or Beauvais-sur-Matha). In summer, there may be visiting producers from other parts of France.
  • There are also atmospheric night markets (e.g. Macqueville), with entertainment to accompany the food and drink.
  • Foires (e.g. Rouillac) can be huge and impressive.

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Thursday market at Aigre

Aigre is a favourite of mine. Small square (note the 'erotic' fountain sculpture) with a market for most of your shopping needs. At least three fish stalls - unheard of in England. A nicely-sized town to get to grips with. Also has a small Co-op and supermarket on the outskirts. Great PMU bar. Market: Thu, Sat and Sun. Fair: 3rd Wed of month

Rouillac Fair of the 27th Rouillac is anything but posh, with what seems like the biggest fair in the world (often 15,000 visitors on a summer's day). It has 'ordinary' markets too, but not on the same scale. Massive Super U, Netto and various garden centre-type places such as Gamm Vert. Market: Wed and Sat. Fair: 27th of every month
Market square at Beauvais The weekly market at Beauvais sur Matha is in the main (i.e. only) square and not up to the standards of Aigre. Very large church visible for miles around. It's an attractive small town worth visiting for a change. Good bakery - but hasn't everywhere? Crédit Agricole cash dispenser too. Market: Tue
Night market at Macqueville Night markets, such as this one at Macqueville, are a popular and enjoyable way of passing an evening, while experiencing a bit of rural 'animation'. They usually run from about 6pm to 11pm in mid summer. This village boasts an impressive Romanesque church and a good pineau-cognac producer.
Indoor market at Jarnac For a good indoor market, open six days a week, visit Jarnac. Plenty of choice, including Vietnamese snacks, fruit and veg, and very fresh fish from La Cotinière (Oléron). Prepared meals and sauces are useful for picnics and camping. Many shops, including Intermarché, electrical goods, and DIY. Markets: Tue - Sun. Fair: 1st Sat of month
Indoor market at Angoulême Angoulême has a huge indoor market which is a tourist attraction in itself. Beautiful produce, but you don't go here just for a few lamb chops. Open every day, but get there in the morning. You can say the same for Cognac - where it's easier to find a parking place. Market: Mon - Sun. Fair: 2nd and 15th of month
Outdoor market at Saintes The beautiful town of Saintes has an outdoor market every day of the week - although the location varies. Very good bread in addition to the usual wonderful fish, vegetables and cheese. Market: Mon - Sat

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