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Welcome message; image of the month


> Things to do and see further away

What to see and do within 20 minutes' drive - in the Jarnac, Rouillac and Aigre sectors

Also some longer trips


> What we eat

Including fairs: places to go near the village the purchase of food and drink and general enjoyment; days on which local markets are held

Notes on local gastronomy and delicacies


> Places to eat further away

Recommended places to eat in the Jarnac, Rouillac and Aigre sectors

Also some further afield


Other websites in French and English that may be relevant (weather, estate agents, phone directories etc.)

Chez Wight

> About the hamlet plus shops

> Directions for visitors from England

> Recent pictures of the house


Our holiday house and a short description of the hamlet and associated villages. Mobile shops, and shops and wine producers in Verdille, Aigre etc.

How to get there by car from Saint-Malo; how to find our house; Google map

Photographs of Chez Wight

Bloody history (of La Bréchoire)

Rambling story based during the 100 Years' War, but not to be taken too seriously please


Precious little of that, and very parochial; bulletin board