The church (Nôtre Dame) at Auge: now restored
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  • New relais routier at Verdille seems to be doing well: excellent value lunchtime offers
  • We have new neighbours, Joel and Naima Panaud, and four small children
  • Nothing to rival the Great La Bréchoire Earth Tremor (Richter 4.2), now a fading memory
Bob James At Camping Le Cote Sauvage ***, enjoying a fabulous plâteau de fruits de mer for a paltry 27€. The highlight of July 2009's visit, with very hot weather in the Charente (and a lot better than in England).
Bob James Bob James, ex-progrocker from Skin Alley, plays an unplugged session at Julie bar in Gourville.
Matthias and John Matthias Rabillet at a wet Irish barbecue with host John Conway in summer 2006. Always a pleasure to see people from La Bréchoire at London.
Colin chewing on the bones Colin Wight chewing on the bones at the Chasse Sunday lunch (June 2006) at the Salle Polyvalente. The afternoon was enlivened by a riveting game of 'guess the height of the ham'.
The Bonots' workshop Patrick Bonot has finally restored this ruin (outside our front gates) as a ceramic workshop with kiln. It all helps.
Anne at Gimons for New yYar dinner

Anne Young (centre), with Monique (right of picture) and Annick (her sister) for New Year's Eve dinner 2005/6.
Photo: Yannick Bonabas

Roger's bottles An unprepossessing shed on the D75 shields Roger Marchive's secret Bottle Museum from prying eyes. Nearly all recovered from the silt of the Charente river, the innumerable bottles are accompanied by a collection of objets trouvés such as prehistoric antler picks.
Fabien in fancy dress

Fabien Gimon making a spectacle of himself at his 40th birthday party on 3 September 2005.

John Conway and Annelise Jespersen

John Conway and Annelise Jespersen cut a dash, arriving from London on a Triumph in late August 2005. It was roasting hot the whole way.

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